Ideas to know

Inventions that improved agricultural efficiency

Social Darwinism

Industrialization (effects)


Industrial Workers of the World

Immigration patterns (where coming from and when)

Jim Crow laws

New transportation

Early 1900s entertainment

Railroads v. canals (why RR better)

Carnegie methods of gaining control of steel industry

Collective bargaining
Chinese Exclusion Act


Difficulties of Plains Farmers in late 1800s


The Jungle


Sherman Antitrust Act

Education trends around 1900

Results of Spanish-American War

Motives for U.S. imperialism

How industrialization affected imperialism

Panama Canal

Roosevelt Corollary

Causes of WWI

Starvation in Germany during WWI (causes)

Selective Service Act

Neutrality and WWI

Alliance System and WWI


Treaty of Versailles stipulations

Reasons U.S. entered WWI

League of Nations (why not join)


Short Answer Qís

Federal Reserve (how affects money supply and govt. control of U.S. economic system)

2 ways assembly line changed workplace

Results of urbanization and reforms (housing, immigration, social reformers)

Choose one early union to analyze (know origins, goals, results)

How U.S. expanded power thru Spanish-American War and intervention in Asia, Caribbean, Central America

Explain 2 reasons U.S. entered WWI

Describe 2 provisions of Treaty of Versailles that penalized Germany