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Master Facilities Plan

Phase I of the Westlake City School District’s Master Facilities Plan involves a three-year construction project resulting in a new middle school, a new high school and a renovated intermediate school. The facility improvements came about thanks to the commitment of the Westlake Board of Education and the concentrated efforts of the Citizens for Westlake Schools bond issue campaign committee, as well as the guidance of the 20/20 Vision Committee that defined the project.
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Dave Kocevar
Director of Business Affairs
Lisa Zuk 
Administrative Assistant


With passage of Phase I of the Master Facilities Plan, the Westlake Schools can move forward on a much-needed building project that will include:

·        Renovating Lee Burneson Middle School to turn it into an intermediate school for grades 5-6. Estimated completion:  Winter 2013/2014.

·        Building a new middle school for grades 7-8 near the existing building. Estimated completion:  Fall 2013.

·        Rebuilding an extensive portion of Westlake High School while preserving the 2005 additions. Estimated completion: Fall 2013.


Programming meetings were held with staff from WHS and LBMS, along with the architecture and construction firms (MKC Associations and Turner Construction, respectively).  The district met with the 20/20 Vision Committee and neighbors whose property abuts WHS and LBMS. An oversight committee of district staff, Board of Education members and community members also was formed. Work is now being done regarding geotechnical work, environmental surveying, property surveying/staking and traffic studies.


Discussions regarding Phase ll have begun, please refer to our Phase ll website for current information.

Phase II will involve consolidation through renovating the existing Parkside Intermediate School into a PreK-4 building, and building two new elementary schools. This will be revisited with the community before being placed on the ballot. It is important to note the district will have a tax millage drop-off in 2017 that potentially would equal the cost of implementing Phase II, amounting to a tax neutral situation for the community.

If you have any questions in the meantime, feel free to email or call 440.250.1258.

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