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Student Services

The Westlake City School District Student Services Department supports the district’s vision to provide a dynamic, student-centered, positive learning environment. The department supports the Special Education and the Preschool Programs.

Director of Student Services - Stephanie Morgan 440.250.1266

Administrative Assistant - Meri Shortreed 440.250.1264 440.835.6786 fax

Ohio Department of Education Resources

Special Education

Special Education Laws, Operating Standards and Procedures
How Ohio fulfills its legal obligation to provide education to children with disabilities.

Consent Order

Consent Order

A link to the ODE Consent Order regarding special education students and their access to a free and appropriate public education.

Students With Disabilities

Students with Disabilities
Students with physical, mental or emotional impairments that interfere with or prevent normal achievement in the classroom.

District Notices

Board of Education Policies

Westlake City Schools Board of Education has adopted policies and regulations governing all aspects of the operation of Westlake City Schools. Specific information regarding Board Policy can be found here.


Westlake City Schools Board of Education discourages student absences from school for family trips or other planned absences. Absences for these purposes should be kept to a minimum and must comply with Board regulations governing these types of absences.

Child Find

In accordance with rule 3301-51-03 of the Operating Standard for Ohio's Schools Serving Children with Disabilities, the Westlake City School District participates in an on-going effort to identify, locate, and evaluate all children aged three through twenty-one with disabilities residing within the district, including children with disabilities who are homeless, are wards of the state, or who are attending nonpublic schools located within Westlake, regardless of the severity of their disability.


The Westlake City Schools District Board of Education supports equal educational opportunities through the Equal Education Opportunity Act of 1974 for students free from limitations based upon ethnic or racial backgrounds, religious beliefs, economic and social conditions, disability or gender.

Surrogate Parenting

When the parents of a child with disabilities are involved and informed, they are an extra assurance that the student will receive needed educational services. But some students with disabilities don't have parents to represent them.

Westlake City Schools is seeking representatives from each of our buildings to serve as surrogate parents. If you have already volunteered for this, we thank you, but we'd like to give others the opportunity to make a difference in a student's educational career. If this is something you are interested in.

What is a surrogate parent?
This document answers the questions; What is a surrogate parent? What does a surrogate parent do? and more.

Interested? Training is available online,

Let us know once you complete the training and we'll add you to our list of available surrogates.

Thank you!