Our key to success is that we understand the importance of focusing on the right things. There is a strong tradition of excellence in Westlake because our goals have been developed by the entire school community and they are rooted in our mission:
We Educate for Excellence....
Empowering all students to achieve their educational goals, to direct their lives, and to contribute to society.
Continuous Improvement Plan (CIP) goals…
1.     Exceptional Achievement (Educational goals)
2.     Exceptional Progress (Educational goals)
3.     Internationally Competitive (Direct their lives)
4.     Service Learning (Contributing to Society) & Experiential Learning (Direct their lives)
5.     Integration of Technology (Educational goals)
6.     All-Inclusive environment (Contributing to Society)
7.     Ensuring Wellness (Direct their lives) & Environmental Responsibility (Contributing to Society)
(Please click CIP 2010-2013 FINAL.pdf for the entire CIP)
The Westlake City Schools have a strong history of a consistent and concerted effort made to achieve and advance excellence.  Today we face a number of upcoming challenges, including planning for continued curricular progress in our pursuit of candidacy for International Baccalaureate, implementing world language at all levels, effectively utilizing the Common Core and Ohio Learning Standards to see our students thrive and offering full-day kindergarten.
We continue to have a focus on planning and problem solving with the implementation of Phase I of the Master Facilities Plan. This community-supported project will culminate with a new high school, a new middle school and a renovated intermediate school. (Please click here - for the Master Facility Plan in detail)

Westlake, like many other Ohio school districts, is working through state budget cuts by continuing to proactively ensure excellence is provided as an exceptional value. We continue to rely on the support of the community to maintain our excellence and keep our focus on our mission, with decisions guided by the district’s Continuous Improvement Plan (CIP) and mission.
The Westlake City School District’s goals are to ensure the CIP performance indicators are reached:
1.       Focus on instruction to ensure exceptional achievement and progress;
2.       Effectively utilize collaborative time at the teacher, building and district level to see our efforts are supported and implementation occurs;
3.       Keep the stakeholders focused on our mission and CIP.
Now, more than ever, we are thankful we have a focused mission to keep us centered on why we are here.
Superintendent Geoff Palmer
Westlake City School District
Westlake City Schools District