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​Welcome to our first week of school!

Our department has had many new students to add to our routes.  Some of these changes have altered the vehicles' pick-up and drop-off times, up to 10 minutes earlier/later.


Please be patient as our drivers safely maneuver throughout the city, with new parents and students excited about their first days of school.  Traffic on streets and in school driveways/parking lots will be at the extreme.  Our drivers make sure

YOUR child's safety is #1!

 The Westlake City School District Transportation Department provides daily transportation to 7 Westlake public schools, 11 special needs schools/locations, and 15 non-public schools.   These schools are serviced by 61 school buses and 8 vans.   Last school year (2013-2014), our vehicles traveled 3,141 miles per day on routes.  We also transported 1727 students daily.
Our Department office staff includes Dispatcher Dee Faragher, Data Processor Deidra Delzeith, Secretary to Transportation Director Julie Mikoy and Director Gavin Berwald.  Our mechanics – Dave Naymik, Dale Mitchell and Joe Morana - service all transportation vehicles, with an additional 7 maintenance trucks that the District owns.
                                      and how it affects non-Westlake schools:
On days when Westlake City Schools are cancelled due to inclement weather, ALL TRANSPORTATION services are cancelled for all schools.
If you have any questions regarding these days, please contact the Transportation Department.

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