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Phone: 440-835-6313
Fax: 440-835-6363
ATTENTION:  Just a reminder -- Westlake Board of Education policy states that students in grades K-8 are only provided transportation if they reside​ MORE THAN 1 MILE from their school of attendance.

Welcome to the Westlake City Schools District (WCSD) Transportation Department.  Our office staff includes:
                                                         Abby Doutt - Director
                                                         Julie Mikoy - Secretary to the Director
                                                         Julie Sipler - Data Processing/Routing Secretary
                                                         Dee Faragher - Dispatcher
                                                         Dave Naymik - Head Mechanic
                                                         Dale Mitchell - Mechanic
                                                         Joe Morana - Mechanic 
Our department provides daily transportation to 7 Westlake public schools, 6 special needs schools/locations, and 15 non-public schools.   These schools are serviced by 42 school buses and 8 vans.   This school year our vehicles are traveling 2309 miles per day on routes, as well as transporting 1561 students daily. Our mechanics service all transportation vehicles and an additional 7 maintenance trucks that the District owns.
The transportation policies of the Westlake Board of Education are aimed at providing a safe, efficient and economical method of getting students to/from school.  It is the desire of the WCSD that transportation be scheduled in a way that best serves the educational interests of the students.  The safety and welfare of students will be the first consideration in all matters pertaining to transportation.  In an effort to continually stretch financial resources, efficiencies including single designated pick-up/drop-off locations and group bus stops will remain in effect.  Our goal is to make your student's trip to/from school as timely, safe and pleasant as possible.
Inclement Weather/Calamity Days:  On days when Westlake City Schools are closed due to inclement weather or a calamity, ALL TRANSPORTATION services are canceled for ALL schools, this includes any non-public schools that we provide transportation for.  Please check our District website at or stay tuned to your local television stations for school closings.

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