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Citizens Advisory Committee

Impacting through research of key issues and recommendations to the Board of Education for the benefit of students and our community.

The CAC team is comprised of a diverse cross-section of the Westlake community and generally includes core members serving 2-year terms, student members from Westlake High School, and community members. Those interested in serving as core members begin as an entry year member or as a Research Associate.

Our Mission

The Citizens Advisory Committee (CAC) was established over 40 years ago as a voluntary advisory committee to the Westlake Board of Education. (BOE Policy 9140) As such, it is comprised of a diverse group of Westlake residents and community representatives. The CAC focuses on ways to continually enhance all aspects of education for students in the Westlake City Schools. Our mission is to serve the Westlake community, the Westlake City Schools and the Board of Education as a visible and proactive link between these interdependent parties.

Join Us!

Do you have a desire to enhance all aspects of education for the students of Westlake City Schools?

Would you like to be a visible and proactive link between the Westlake community, the Westlake City Schools and the Board of Education?

The Citizens Advisory Committee is looking for civic-minded individuals to join our efforts.

The Citizens Advisory Committee (CAC) was established over 40 years ago as a voluntary advisory committee to the Westlake Board of Education (BOE) and is comprised of a diverse group of Westlake residents and community representatives. The CAC communicates, researches, evaluates and recommends action plans for consideration by the BOE.

If you would like to be part of a team working toward the ultimate enhancement of education provided to Westlake's children, then consider joining the CAC! Contact Andrew Mangels (440.250.5450)or Mary Essig (440.539.9402) for more information.


Research Projects

Research Projects 2002

Performing Arts Center (PAC) Project
The Westlake Performing Arts Center has been the most visible project of the CAC. The CAC first surveyed the community to gauge the level of interest in a state of the art Performing Arts Center and subsequently played a key role in the successful passage of Issue 15 in November 2002, when the voters of Westlake approved a tax levy to fund the construction of the facility to benefit Westlake City Schools and the entire Westlake community. The Board of Education asked the CAC to continue its involvement by participating in critical aspects of the implementation, including serving on the architectural review committee, planning grand opening celebration activities and exploring ongoing ways to build a world class performing arts curriculum for the Westlake City Schools.

Report on Drug and Alcohol Abuse
In 2002 the CAC studied drug and alcohol abuse in school-aged children in the Westlake Community. The project pulled together a team of parents, students, law enforcement officials, churches and healthcare organizations to figure out how to help the youth in Westlake make healthy decisions about risky behaviors. This project resulted in formation of the now highly active Westlake Parent Connection (WPC).

The Westlake Parent Connection is a parent-led non-profit group assembled to promote education, communication and networking among parents and the community to encourage positive choices resulting in healthy behavior for our youth. Connect the pieces - talk to each other.

Other Past Projects

  • Developing methods to increase two way communication between the school system and the community.
  • Exploring perpetual funding and ways to build community support for future school levies.
  • Study of the Westlake mascot.

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Service Learning

Service-learning is a teaching and learning strategy that integrates meaningful community service with instruction and reflection to enrich the learning experience, teach civic responsibility, and strengthen communities. The purpose of this project is to research how similar districts or schools have implemented service-learning and attempt to gauge its impact.

Going Green Presentation

Going Green Report

Meeting Minutes


cac_minutes1-24.htm CAC Minutes – January 27, 2003 cac_minutes1-24
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CAC minutes for 01-28-2013.pdf Minutes 13 01 28 CAC minutes for 01-28-2013 5
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CAC minutes for 10-15-2012.pdf Minutes 12 10 15 CAC minutes for 10-15-2012 2
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CACMinutes051914.pdf 140519 MInutes CACMinutes051914 7
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