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Welcome to Bassett Project Link! Please use the tabs below to learn about Project Link and plans for the school year.

February is almost over, information about Career Month has gone out and parents are signing up. Please consider coming in to talk to the Link students about your passion and career.

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Daily Infomation

Breaking News

Spring Break enrollment- parent portal. April 22nd- 26th.

Special Events

Once a month a librarian from Porter Public Library visits to read stories to us and have hands on STEAM activities. Click here to see our librarian schedule!


Favorite Link Activites

Gym Games

Cat Attack- A brand new game of cat v.s. mouse.

Dr. Scooter- A twist off of a classic Link game, Dr. Dodge.

Cookie Tag- A variation of Sharks and Minos.

Pac Man- The Classic game of tag but everyone must remain on a line painted on the gym floor.

Number Line- Students have to gather cards with a number on them and place them in numerical order as fast as they can before the other team finishes.





Building with Legos

Chalk Drawing

Building with Legos

Students made a skull out of blocksCreating math monsters

Turkey Races

Daily Schedules

Manners Letter

Manner Chart

Students will be challenged over the winter break (12/22-01/6) to complete as many good behaviors and practice their manners. Students who complete three each day an have it initialed by a parent will be allowed to participate in a special snack at Link along with special activities and privileges that day. Please encourage your student to practice their manners and demonstrate good behavior over the break.

Manners Chart

Parent Portal Help

What is Link?

Who and What


Every Friday we watch a movie at Link. It is either a new release or is a movie related to our theme week. Click here to read more.



(440) 845-4898

2155 Bassett Road

Westlake, Ohio 44145

Meet the Staff

Nora Mallick

Bassett Link Coordinator

(440)899-3075 x2235