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What if I need help?

If you need help with getting any of your hardware or software to work, you can contact your Building Tech Troubleshooter to see if they can provide some assistance.

If you still have issues, please submit a work order. If it is an emergency, submit a work order and then ask your building principal to contact the Tech for immediate assistance.

Submit a work order

What if I want new equipment for my classroom or department?

If you feel that you have a need for additional or replacement equipment outside of the typical annual District-wide Technology Acquisition and Replacement process, please complete the following.

Technology Equipment Request Form

What if I want new software for my classroom or department?

If you feel you have a need for additional software. Please complete the following form and submit it to Pete Zagray, Technology Director.

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Software Request Form

What if I want to write a grant or enter a contest where I may get software or hardware?

We happily support your resourcefulness in seeking additional means to help meet educational goals for our students; however, there are many unforeseen costs that may be associated with your purchase or award.

Please contact the Technology Ditrector to schedule an appointment for a site visit and to review the technical requirements prior to any technology-related grant submission or contest entry.

What if I need to change my name?

Please submit the attached Network Account Request Form.

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Technology Account Request Form

What if I change positions or move to a different building?

It is important that you fill out the attached Network Account Request Form. Many network resources are assigned to users based on their building or job assignment. Without this information, the Technology Department cannot ensure that you will have available to you all of the resources to work efficiently.

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Technology Account Request Form

As an educator, can I purchase personal computers tax free?

You may purchase items that you will use in preparation of teaching tax exempt per Ohio Revised Code,, under section 37:

(37) Sales of personal computers, computer monitors, computer keyboards, modems, and other peripheral computer equipment to an inpidual who is licensed or certified to teach in an elementary or a secondary school in this state for use by that inpidual in preparation for teaching elementary or secondary school students;

You will need to print and complete a form (, take a copy of your teaching credentials, and bring a copy of the Revised Code from the State of Ohio website.

Will I be able to use the computers after hours or on the weekends once the shutdown and restart programs are implemented?


If a computer is turned off, you can turn it on to use it at any time. When the restart program initiates, the system basically checks to see if it is started. If it is not started, it will boot the computer automatically. If it is already started, it will do nothing.

Each night the computer will check for any updates and then start a shut down at a designated time – most likely 10:00 pm.

The only potential problem will occur if you are working on a computer when the shutdown is initiated. You will be given a warning window indicating that the computer will be shut down in xx number of minutes and that you should save your work. You will want to save your work and allow the computer to shut down, so that you do not lose work and that all updates and applications can be applied to that computer. If you need to continue to work at that time, you can restart the computer.

We are discussing ways that will enable users to stop a shut down that has been sent if they are working on something and cannot be interrupted; however, we wish to avoid this and select a time that makes sense throughout the District.