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Technology Vision

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The following values & beliefs define the technology vision guiding the Westlake City School District.

Technology use in in our schools...


instruction and learning. Its use reflects the real-life experience of the whole person.


equitable technology access on a variety of platforms to every individual.


a problem solving mindset to safely engage in life activities through technology.

The Westlake City School District Technology Committee initiated a year-long process in December 2016 to create a comprehensive technology vision for the school district. This advisory group of teachers, classified staff members and administrators compiled data via surveys from a variety of district stakeholders, including administrators, staff and parents.

Based on a review of this data and the underlying themes from survey results, the Technology Committee created a technology vision statement that encompasses the values, beliefs and ideal future for the Westlake City School District.

To share your input please feel free to contact a Technology Committee member or email your Technology Director.

Technology Committee Members:

  • Pete Zagray- Technology Director
  • Tim Barrett- Principal (Dover)
  • Jim Sanfilippo- Principal (Bassett)
  • Ron Stephenson- Technician (WCSD)
  • Allison Stephenson- Staff (Bassett)
  • Leah Burke- Teacher (Bassett)
  • Amy Butcher- Teacher (Holly Lane)
  • Kip Primrose- Teacher (LBMS)
  • Trish Kosik- Teacher (LBMS)
  • Christina Mars- Teacher (WHS)

Technology Committee Letters