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Technology Vision

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The following values & beliefs define the technology vision guiding the Westlake City School District.

Technology use in in our schools...


instruction and learning. Its use reflects the real-life experience of the whole person.


equitable technology access on a variety of platforms to every individual.


a problem solving mindset to safely engage in life activities through technology.

The Westlake City School District Technology Committee initiated a year-long process in December 2016 to create a comprehensive technology vision for the school district. This advisory group of teachers, classified staff members and administrators compiled data via surveys from a variety of district stakeholders, including administrators, staff and parents.

Based on a review of this data and the underlying themes from survey results, the Technology Committee created a technology vision statement that encompasses the values, beliefs and ideal future for the Westlake City School District.

To share your input please feel free to contact a Technology Committee member or email your Technology Director.

Technology Committee Members:

  • Pete Zagray- Technology Director
  • Tim Barrett- Principal (Dover)
  • Jim Sanfilippo- Principal (Bassett)
  • Ron Stephenson- Technician (WCSD)
  • Allison Stephenson- Staff (Bassett)
  • Leah Burke- Teacher (Bassett)
  • Amy Butcher- Teacher (Holly Lane)
  • Kip Primrose- Teacher (LBMS)
  • Trish Kosik- Teacher (LBMS)
  • Christina Mars- Teacher (WHS)

Technology Committee Letters

Equitable Access

Letter to the Superintendent outlining recommendations for providing equitable access to technology (2016).

Technology Professional Development

Letter to the Superintendent outlining a framework for providing technology professional development (2016).

Committee Charter


Promote the seamless & sustainable integration of technology to maximize learning. (CIP Goal 4)


Research, explore and develop technology platforms, best practices and technology rich learning opportunities for all staff and students.


The Technology Committee is an extension of the District’s commitment to continuous improvement. It is advisory in character and not a legislative body. Technology Committee recommendations are made to the Superintendent.


The committee shall exist until dissolved by the Superintendent.


The Westlake City School District’s Technology Committee will consist of eleven members.

  1. Three members from the District’s administrative team.
    1. The Technology Director
    2. Two building administrators (assigned by the Superintendent)
  2. One member representing the District’s technology support staff.
  3. One member representing classified staff.
  4. Six members representing certified staff.
    1. Two elementary staff (Prek- Grade 4)
    2. Two intermediate and/or middle school staff (Grades 5-8)
    3. Two high school staff (Grades 9-12)
    4. At least one of the certified members should represent Special Education.

If additional membership is desired for a specific purpose a written request must be submitted by the Technology Director to the Superintendent for approval. Whenever appropriate, membership should include student and community stakeholders.


The Technology Committee will meet once a month or on an as-needed basis as determined by the items on the committee's agenda. Meetings should not last more than 90 minutes.

The Technology Director will preside at the meetings and will be responsible for collecting agenda items from members.

Member Responsibilities and Expectations:

  1. Attend meetings.
  2. Submit items for the agenda to the Technology Director at least one day prior to a scheduled meeting. Agenda items brought up at the time of the meeting may be addressed if time permits.
  3. Conduct meeting business in a courteous and professional manner.
  4. Participate in developing committee recommendations.


A process aimed at arriving at a consensus shall be the prevailing procedure.

Committee recommendations will be submitted to the Superintendent in writing. The member(s) responsible for writing each recommendation will be determined by the committee.

Meeting dates and times will be established at the first meeting of each school year.

Meeting minutes will be taken at each meeting and then distributed to all members prior to the next meeting. The member(s) responsible for taking the minutes will be determined at the first meeting of each school year.