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Transportation Department


Read our COVID-19 passenger expectations and department protocols here.

In an effort to minimize the risk of COVID spread by supporting social distancing requirements, transportation services for eligible students in grades preschool through 8th grade will only be provided to eligible students whose families elect to opt-in to receive district provided transportation. Currently, eligible students are those in grades K-8 residing more than one mile from their school or those in preschool through 12th grade requiring transportation as a related service as determined by their IEP team. If you have not already completed the opt-in form to indicate your request for district-provided transportation, please do so now using this link

Phone: 440-835-6313

Fax: 440-835-6363


ATTENTION: Just a reminder -- Westlake Board of Education policy states that students in grades K-8 are only provided transportation if they reside MORE THAN 1 MILE from their school of attendance.

Our Office Staff:

Adam House - Director

Julie Mikoy - Secretary to the Director

Julie Sipler - Data Processing/Routing Secretary

Dee Faragher - Dispatcher

Dale Mitchell - Head Mechanic

Joe Morana - Mechanic

Derek Jones - Mechanic

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