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Transportation Department


The District’s transportation policies are aimed at providing a safe, efficient, and economical mode of getting students to and from school. Transportation shall be scheduled in a way that best serves the educational interests of the students while considering the safety of our students. In an effort to be fiscally responsible and to maintain operational feasibility, efficiencies including single designated pick-up/drop-off locations and group bus stops will remain in effect.

Our goal is to make transportation for our students as timely, safe and pleasant as possible!

Transportation Usage
  • If your child is eligible for, but will not be utilizing transportation services, please inform us by returning the slip included with their 2023/24 school year bus information or by sending an email to
  • If you initially decline transportation services and change your mind at a later date, you may request that service resume by sending an email to at least three business days prior to the date you wish for transportation to begin.


Phone: 440-835-6313

Fax: 440-250-1440


ATTENTION: Just a reminder -- Westlake Board of Education policy states that students in grades K-8 are only provided transportation if they reside MORE THAN 1 MILE from their school of attendance.


Our Office Staff:

Adam House - Director

Tami Fuller - Secretary to the Director

Julie Sipler - Data Processing/Routing Secretary

Dee Faragher - Dispatcher

Dale Mitchell - Head Mechanic

Derek Jones - Mechanic

Mark Ross - Mechanic



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