We Educate for Excellence

Our Schools


WHs WIn 1825, Dover Township had five school districts with five neighborhood schools to serve its 70 families. The earliest schoolhouses were built of logs and heated by large fireplaces. In 1940, Dover Village became incorporated as Westlake Village. The rest, as they say, is history. Today, the City of Westlake houses the Westlake City Schools with nearly 4,000 students and about 600 staff members.

The Westlake City Schools focus on providing students a foundation in the basic skills, while offering programs and courses that encourage individual academic success. Our district consistently ranks in the top 10% of public school districts on the Ohio Local Report Card, reflecting the hard work and accomplishments of our students, supported by well-qualified and committed staff, and caring parents and community.

The academic program emphasizes sound, fundamental instruction based on a core of scientifically based research. In Westlake, instruction is directly connected to student learning. All curriculums are standards based and aligned with state and federal mandates. Staff professional development is research based and focuses on enhancing and improving instructional practices to increase student achievement.

The district offers academic programs in art, drama, vocal and instrumental music, radio/TV production, college preparatory, gifted education, career/technical education, special education, and honors and Advanced Placement courses. Extracurricular activities and athletic programs round out the academic experience for all students.

The Westlake Schools belong to the entire community, and community members contribute to the education of its children and the decisions made by the district on a variety of levels.

Our commitment is to provide students a world-class education and to adhere to our mission of empowering all students to achieve their educational goals, to direct their lives, and to contribute to society. There is no limit to what can be accomplished when a community commits itself to the success of its young people.