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Bassett Elementary School

School Counseling

The Elementary Counseling Program is designed to benefit our students as they progress through elementary school. The purpose of the program is to address the developmental needs of all students and to provide additional support to students with specific needs.

As school counselors, we accomplish these goals by providing classroom counseling lessons, small group counseling (including newcomers, friendship and changing families groups) and short-term individual counseling support. As elementary counselors, we are members of the intervention assistance teams, which meet regularly to problem solve ways to help at-risk children. We also are very involved with the coordination of state testing.

To create a supportive environment to enable student success, we also collaborate with parents and staff. Consulting with you, the parents and guardians, concerning an special issues affecting your child's educational, emotional, and/or social growth and development is one of our primary goals. We encourage you to contact us with any questions or concerns.

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