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PTA Membership/Forms

Welcome to the Hilliard PTA!

Have you joined the Hilliard Parent Teacher Association (PTA)?
If yes, thank you so much!! Your membership gives you a voice to vote, an opportunity to contribute your ideas to the Hilliard PTA, and helps support the educational goals of the school’s teachers and administration.

If you have not yet joined, membership is only $11.00 per individual. Our goal is to have 100% of Hilliard families join to have a voice in the PTA.

How do I join the PTA?

Look for a PTA membership form to come home early in the year. Forms can also be found in our school office or online in the eBlast. Fill out the form, attach your membership dues and return the form to the school office. You can also join and pay your membership fee and optional direct donation online at

What does the PTA do?
  • Supports and organizes school-wide events
  • Provides a forum to discuss issues of importance to parents and teachers
  • Provides the volunteers and the organization needed to support school projects
  • Conducts fundraising for school activities
  • Assists in special school projects, such as Website development, landscaping or community outreach

If you would like to see a more specific list of all the amazing things the PTA does, see “PTA Resume” form below.

How are my PTA membership dues used?
PTA dues are used to help fund projects and programs that add to the quality of your child's education and to help teachers and parents communicate and work together.

What is there difference between the PTA membership dues and the money collected through other fundraisers throughout the year?

The PTA membership dues cover the resources we receive from National and State PTA affiliations, and overhead costs, with a substantial portion going to Hilliard PTA operating costs. Funds from other fundraising events goes directly to Hilliard Elementary School activities and events.

How can I help the PTA?
  • Join the PTA!
  • Attend PTA meetings.
  • Get involved in events and committees where your interests and talents can be used.

When are PTA meetings?
PTA meetings are held both during the day and after school hours to provide a chance for all members to attend. See the Hilliard online calendar for more information.

PTA Forms

Check Request (to treasurer)

8/29/2015 7:28 PM


Class Parties Food Guidelines

8/25/2015 8:23 PM


Funds to be deposited

8/25/2015 8:24 PM


Officer and Committee Reports

9/13/2015 6:24 AM


PTA Does That?

Past Meeting Minutes

Approved Minutes 01.19.17 2/26/2017 7:54 PM HilliardPTA
Approved Minutes 01.21.16 3/7/2016 9:06 PM HilliardPTA
Approved Minutes 02 18 16 4/18/2016 7:57 PM HilliardPTA
Approved Minutes 03.17.16 8/3/2016 7:00 PM HilliardPTA
Approved Minutes 04.21.16 10/14/2016 3:00 PM HilliardPTA
Approved Minutes 09.17.15 11/2/2015 5:41 PM HilliardPTA
Approved Minutes 091516 11/11/2016 9:25 AM HilliardPTA
Approved Minutes 10.20.16 1/16/2017 7:56 PM HilliardPTA
Approved Minutes 10.22.15 11/30/2015 5:55 PM HilliardPTA
Approved Minutes 11.17.16 2/13/2017 8:54 PM HilliardPTA
Approved Minutes 11.19.15 1/23/2016 7:23 PM HilliardPTA
Unapproved Minutes 02.16.17 2/26/2017 7:57 PM HilliardPTA