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Welcome to the Westlake City Schools' One School, One Book Blog! One School, One Book is a program designed to create a shared reading experience within our elementary school communities. A chapter book is chosen, every family receives a copy, and every family reads that book together at home over the course of a single month. Activities at school coordinate, promote and enrich the shared reading experience.



We had our OSOB kick off assembly at Bassett today! The kids were so excited that the book we will be reading is CLEMENTINE!

We have had lots of slips coming in from home, and we had two raffle WINNERS today!

The Trichonal family sent in this great picture of the whole family reading together! #weloveit

Trichonal Family

Valia Trichona1st

George Trichonas pre-k

Apollon Trichonas 3rd

It is so much fun to see some kids from Bassett and Dover reading together at Porter!

bassett boys

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Welcome to Chapter 1 of Clementine! We hope you enjoyed reading your first chapter Monday night. The trivia question for Chapter 1 was, "Why did Margaret cut her hair?" The answer was, she got glue in her hair in art class and was trying to get it out.

We picked 2 lucky winners today who got to pick a prize from the table in the office. Don't forget to put your answer in for chapter 2 tomorrow. Maybe you will be the lucky winner.

Clementine Business Partner Clues

Read each clue below to figure out which Westlake businesses are partnering with our elementary schools for One School, One Book. (You may need to use a map for help!) When you solve each clue, look for the One School, One Book poster somewhere near the entrance of the business. Once inside, look for “Clementine” somewhere inside the business. Then find an employee and let him or her know where you found “Clementine”. The employee will then give you a ticket to be entered in a weekly in-school raffle for prizes.

  1. Clementine visited this place on Center Ridge Rd., west of Dover Center Road to do some research on the planet Saturn.
  1. Clementine may have stopped by this business in the Promenade, next to Five Guys, to pick up round foods like pizza, doughnuts, and hamburgers.
  1. Margaret and Clementine might go to this business at King James Plaza on Center Ridge to get haircuts.
  1. In Crocker Park, across from Brio, Clementine might buy a book on how to get rid of pigeons here as well as a new journal.
  1. On the north side of Detroit Road, west of Dover Center Road, Clementine can buy a new toothbrush to eat lentils out of a thermos, just like the lady at the park.
  1. At the Promenade, by Bed, Bath and Beyond, Clementine might be spotted in here buying a new sparkle paint set.
  1. Since Clementine spends so much time in the principal’s office, she might want to visit this business on Detroit Road, between Canterbury and Dover Center Road, to buy a bouquet of flowers for Principal Rice.
  1. You might find Clementine in this place on the corner of Center Ridge and Walter getting into a little trouble while giving pizza making a try.
  1. Clementine noticed that Principal Rice was rubbing her head a lot every time she visited her office. She thought that the health center on Crocker Road, just north of Devon Oaks Assisted Living Community, which specializes in back pain, migraines, and other health issues, would help with Principal Rice’s headaches.
  1. Clementine wasn’t happy with how things were going in her life, so she thought this insurance agency work help her “life work” out a little better because of its name. It’s located in a large building on the northside of Center Ridge Road, just east of Stone House Grille.
  1. Clementine missed having a kitten, so she stopped by this “farm” on Center Ridge Road, just east of Health Campus Drive to look for a kitten. However, it turned out to be an insurance agency instead!

  1. Clementine’s parents took her to this fun place between Hilliard and Center Ridge Road, Her mom started teaching art classes there, while Clementine, her dad, and brother played in the pool.