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Westlake Elementary School

Westlake voters approved a 1.3-mill bond issue and 0.8-mill permanent improvement levy on Nov. 8, 2016. The bond issue will fund a new, centrally located PK-4 elementary school to replace the district's four aging schools. The PI levy creates a separate maintenance fund for capital expenses to help protect the public's investment in facilities.

The combined 2.1-mill issue completes the final phase of the Master Facilities Plan.

Construction Updates

January 2019

WES Update January 2019

Click here for an updated elementary construction project update from the Jan. 28 Board of Education meeting.

Click here to read the Jan. 7, 2019, elementary construction project update from the Jan. 7 Board of Education meeting.

November 2018

WES November 2018 update

September 2018

September project update

August 2018

August 2018 project pdate

July 2018
  • Concrete for the foundations for Area B, the main entrance and canopy columns was placed. Concrete for stage walls is progressing.
  • Damp-proofing and backfill of the elevator pit walls is complete.
  • Structural steel erection is ongoing. The first phase of Area A and B roof trusses and infill steel delivery and erection is being coordinated and finalized following resolution of structural and folding partition support concerns associated with the stage proscenium truss.
  • Installation of sanitary and storm sewer continues.
  • Electrical and technology underground conduit continues.

May 2018

Bid packages were issued to the following subcontractors:

  • Concrete - CT Taylor Construction Co.
  • Masonry - Foti Contracting LLC
  • Metals - The Dover Tank & Plate Company
  • Carpentry and Specialties - Greenspace Construction Services
  • Roofing - Kentuckiana General Construction
  • Composite Metal Panels - Fox Enterprize Services
  • Glass & Glazing - Environmental Glass Inc.
  • Interiors - CT Taylor Construction Co.
  • Food Service Equipment - TriMark SS Kemp
  • Casework - Farnham Equipment Co.
  • Fire Suppression - ABC Piping Co.
  • Plumbing - Harner Plumbing Inc.
  • HVAC - ABC Piping Co.
  • Electrical - Einheit Electric Construction Co.
  • Security Sound & Technology Systems - Zenith Systems LLC
  • Final Site Development - CT Taylor Construction Co.

The rammed aggregate piers are complete, the building pad is complete to subgrade and has been regraded.

The installation of the sanitary, storm sewer piping, drainage structures and domestic/fire lines are substantially complete.

Site grading is substantially complete, temporary access and staging are in place. Field Office area and temporary electric in progress.

Initial concrete submittals are in place and the reinforcing steel for AReas A and B is in fabrication. Placement of the concrete foundation is anticipated to start the week of May 14.

March 2018

In the first week of March, about 773 rammed aggregate piers were placed, including eight redesigned to facilitate the revised fire wall construction to the PK and Kindergarten areas.

Storm sewers and sanitary lines are complete. The fire line, fire hydrants and domestic water are about 80% complete. The tap at the street is complete and the vaults are in place.

A March 7 pre-bed meeting attracted 27 attendees. Bid proposals are due to ICON by March 16. Click here for bidder prequalification list.

February 2018

You may have noticed the perimeter site fencing is up. ICON Construction reached to local residents with contact information for questions and concerns associated with the project.

The building pad is complete to subgrade and excavation of the detention basin is complete. The temporary construction entrance, as coordinated with the City of Westlake, is in place. The west entrance has been established, but not connected to Center Ridge Road. The revised location of the entrance, as requested by the City of Westlake, is under review.

Installation of the storm sewer piping and drainage structures continue. Installation of the waterline, including fire lines, is anticipated bo begin mid-February.

    December 2017

    Excavation of the detention basin, embankment and preparation of the building pad continue. The wetland permit was received and phase 2 tree clearing resumed. Construction documents are anticipated the first week of January.

    The north and west parking areas are established to subgrade and work will proceed on the bus parking area. The temporary construction entrance, coordinated with the City of Westlake, is in place. The west entrance was established but not connected to Center Ridge Road.

    The storm sewer piping and drainage structures are onsite and installation has begun. Work on the rammed aggregate piers is anticipated to begin in January 2018.

      November 2017

      The 152,000-square-foot, two-story PK-4 elementary school is located at 27555 Center Ridge Road, Westlake, OH 44145. Expected completion is July 2019 with an opening of fall 2019.

      Design development documents were issued Sept. 1, 2017. The early site package, earthwork and utilities, was awarded to Mr. Excavator Inc. in October. Work began onsite Nov. 8 with initial tree clearing. Tree clearing is anticipated to be performed in two phases.

      Project Timeline

      Project TimelineProject Timeline At A Glance

        • November 2016: Combined bond issue/permanent improvement levy passed
        • February 2017: ICON Construction selected as construction manager
        • February-June 2017: Schematic Design Phase
        • June-September 2017: Design Development Phase
        • September 2017-January 2018: Construction Documents Phase
        • October 2017-August 2019: Construction
        • October 2017-March 2018: Early sitework (includes tree removal, site clearing, site grading, preparation of building pad, storm and sanitary sewers, grading, water line)
        • February 2018-July 2019: Building construction
        • July-August 2019: Ribbon cutting and school opening


      Westlake elementary school


      Views of Westlake elementary schoolWestlake elementary school

      Westlake elementary school views

      January 2019

      December 2018

      Structural steel, insulation, concrete and duct work.

      October 2018

      Structural steel is going up in the 3-4 House. CMU wall constructions in the gymnasium and elevator shaft. Restroom water closet hangers.

      September 2018

      August 2018

      Concrete slab preparation (stone compaction, vapor barrier, pour and slab finishing) of grade 3-4 House. Also the steel staging and erection process of the Service/Mechanical/Kitchen area. Concrete work also was done on the 1-2 House.

      July 2018

      The beginnings of a building.

      June 2018

      Concrete footers and anchor bolts for structural steel, and underground sanitary piping installation in the kitchen area.

      May 2018

      March 2018

      January 2018

      Utility trenching for stormwater lines is occurring. Starting this month foundational piers will be going in as well.

      December 2017

      Site preparation

      November 2017

      Clearing and prepping the site for construction



      Frequently Asked Questions Regarding the New Westlake Elementary School

      • How will the new elementary school be structured?
        • The building is designed with three separate houses, including a one-story house for PK and K, a two-story house for grades 1-2, and another two-story house for grades 3-4. Central to the plan are the administration offices and core facilities, including the gymnasium, cafetorium, and art and music rooms. Each house has a central Extended Learning Area (ELA). These spaces are flexible and adaptable and can easily be rearranged to accommodate a wide variety of activities and group sizes.
      • How many students will attend the new elementary school?
        • 1,200-1,300.
      • How will the consolidation of four buildings impact staffing levels?
        • By consolidating four elementary schools into one building, we will save over $1.2 million in staffing costs alone. Almost all staffing reductions will be eliminated through retirements with no or minimal layoffs.
      • How will special services, such as gifted and intervention programs, be delivered to students?
        • We are working on a plan to align the practices of the four buildings to best meet the needs of our students. We will provide updates once the plan is finalized.
      • How will you handle traffic on the new site and on surrounding streets?
        • Construction traffic will be limited to Center Ridge Road for the bulk of the project. Light construction traffic will occur on Westown Boulevard during driveway creation and connecting utility work.
        • The land exchange with the city included an agreement for road improvements on Center Ridge Road, including the addition of a left turn lane into the site, a committed right turn lane to handle traffic into the site, and a four-way intersection at Glenmore Drive with a traffic signal. Since then, the city has decided to add an additional light at Westown Boulevard and Dover Center Road.
      • How many parking spaces will there be on the site? Will the site be able to accommodate all-school events?
        • Total car spaces is 347. 121 of those spaces will be located behind the building and used for bus staging during pickup and drop-off periods during the school day, and for additional event parking after hours.
      • How many special events held after hours do you anticipate throughout the year?
        • This is part of the transition planning being addressed by our administrative team and our PTA units, which will look at consolidating events.
      • Will start and end times for the elementary school change?
        • We anticipate a schedule similar to the current school bell schedule.
      • Will the 1-mile radius for busing still be imposed with the new building?
        • Yes, the current 1-mile walk area for PK-4 will remain in effect for the new elementary school.
      • How many buses will be on site daily?
        • The lot can handle 30 buses at any one time. Bus routing is under development for the new attendance area. Bus routes will be communicated prior to the start of the 2019-2020 school year to allow ample time for parents and students to prepare and plan.
      • How will you prevent parents from parking at Westlake Porter Public Library or on Westown Boulevard to pick up their children?
        • We will communicate to our parents that they are not to park in those areas.
      • When will the new school open?
        • We anticipate a Fall 2019 opening.
      • What will happen to the current elementary buildings and properties?
        • Our intent is to eventually raze the four elementary buildings and/or repurpose one or more buildings for school use. The land will be used for field space.
      • Will traffic flow and parking change on the Lee Burneson Middle School/Dover Intermediate School campus with Dover Elementary closing?
        • Dover Elementary School will be razed and the current parking area will be redesigned to improve traffic flow on the site.


      Westlake Elementary School Groundbreaking 9/25/17

      Groundbreaking Program

      News Releases

      Progress Video

      Watch the new Westlake elementary school take shape on Center Ridge Road.


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