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Using the Program of Studies, the courses listed on the scheduling worksheets, and teachers’ recommendations, students should fill out the scheduling worksheet they received at the scheduling assemblies with the courses they plan on taking next year. Freshmen - Juniors must to select a minimum of 6 credits (not classes) for the year. Seniors must select at least 5.5 credits.

Each half year class is .5 credits, full year classes are 1 credit each, and CCP courses are 1 credit each semester. You can select a maximum of 8 high school credits. Selecting Honors and AP classes will require a teacher’s recommendation in PowerSchool and CCP courses are pending eligible Tri-C placement scores. For more information on CCP courses, visit the College Credit Plus page.

The online scheduling is as follows:
Westlake High School registration window is Feb. 4th - Feb. 8th
Lee Burneson registration window is Feb. 11 - Feb. 15

Scheduling "How To"

This Program of Studies is developed each year to provide students and families the necessary information for making sound choices in course selection. It provides descriptions of courses, credit values, prerequisites, and relevant recommendations to help students make appropriate course selections.

In the Program of Studies you can find recommended sequences for courses within each subject area, work pages for drafting a Four-Year Plan of Studies, athletic eligibility, scholarships, graduation requirements and other related topics.

It is crucial that each family give careful consideration to the courses a student takes in high school to prepare for post-secondary education and/or the world of work. Please take the time to ask questions of our professional staff to make the best, most informed decisions.

Program of Studies 2019-2020