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Westlake High School

School Counseling

The Counseling Department enhances the academic, personal and social experiences for our students. Our counselors work on a daily basis to help students become successful and reach graduation and beyond. Adolescence is a time of continual change for students and families. All of our counselors are advocates for the students, as well as liaisons for parents.

The counseling department provides a variety of student-centered programs and services:

          • Academic and college counseling
          • Social and emotional support (see below for more)
          • Post-secondary and career planning
          • Information and assistance in educational and standardized testing
          • Individual and small group counseling
          • Career shadowing information


Social and Emotional Support

School Counselors

Our goal is to meet students’ academic needs, assist with career preparation, and provide personal or social encouragement through data-driven interventions and support systems.

We encourage our students and families to reach out to us for assistance. Please use our referral form to help us identify how we can help!

Bellefaire JCB

New in 2019 WHS will have two clinical mental health counselors from Bellefaire JCB in our building to provide consultation and preventative services for our students! In addition to the school counselors, these services will provide additional levels of supports to aid students in coping with symptoms of mental health issues, appropriate peer interactions, and overall healthy functioning, both in individual and/or group settings!

We are really excited about helping our students get more and more access to mental health services!

Passive consent forms were sent home in January, however our Bellefaire counselors will require additional permission to meet with students on a regular basis and will send paperwork home. If you're interested in this opportunity for your child, please send a referral form to your child's school counselor.