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Career Shadowing

The Career Shadowing program at Westlake High School is open to sophomores, juniors and seniors who are interested in a specific career area and/or who would like to discuss and explore possible career options. This program can be of great benefit to students in helping them clear up many questions they may have pertaining to their future, prior to entering college or the world of work.

This program offers students the opportunity to spend a day with a professional. Students are exposed to real-life work situations and discover first hand what a typical day is like. Students may spend a few hours or a full day at the shadowing site, asking questions, performing tasks, etc. The experience allows high school students to gain insight about the careers that best complement their specific interests and abilities.

To initiate the Career Shadowing process, students and parents are required to complete a Career Shadowing Application, which are available in the counseling office, attendance office or main office.

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