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The International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme housed at Westlake High School offers students a unique opportunity to study academic subjects in an integrated fashion while allowing for personal choice in several aspects of their own education. It focuses on developing several aspects of the learner – intellectual, physical, emotional, ethical and social. It gathers effective educational techniques and philosophies from around the globe to develop effective methods of teaching and learning. It prepares students to be successful once they transition to university and to be productive members of a global society.

The IB Diploma Programme at WHS is presented as part of a consortium of schools that includes Avon Lake High School, Berea-Midpark High School and Rocky River High School. The schools work together to cover the financial obligations of the program and to provide administrative support to students. We are dedicated to providing opportunities for all students to achieve excellence.

Students who choose to participate in the IB Diploma Programme will spend a large majority of their day at Westlake High School, but will fulfill all of the requirements for graduation from their home consortium school. Students may have the opportunity to take some elective classes at their home school (like instrumental or vocal music), if their schedule allows. Students will be eligible to participate in extracurricular activities at their home consortium school.

You can learn about the Benefits of the IB, Why the IB is Different, the IB Learner Profile and IB Benefits for Schools on the IB website.

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IB Subjects

Creativity, Activity, Service (CAS)

CAS activities foster awareness and appreciation of life outside of the academic arena. The activities help students recognize the importance of educational experiences that take place outside the classroom. Students develop a greater level of self-awareness while increasing their understanding of the needs of others. The activities are completed outside of school during the junior and senior years.

Matthew Planisek

Extended Essay

The extended essay is a 4000 word (15-20 page) research project developed by the student with assistance from a team of teachers. It requires an in-depth investigation of a topic of special interest to the student and helps them develop independent research and writing skills. The essay is completed outside of school (with assistance) during the junior and senior years.

Jacy Nichols


Language Acquisition: Acquisition of sociocultural competencies, full-length literary works, fluency and accuracy.

Elizabeth Zingales


Course based on a comparative approach to history. Historical events are examined with respect to perspective, change, continuity, causation, consequence and significance.

Amber Greene

Language A: English Literature

Studies in Language and Literature: Survey of texts from multiple perspectives, literature from across cultures (in translation), writing and reflection -- creative, analytical and research-based.

Julie Davidson

Geoff Friedrich


Algebra, functions and equations, circular functions, Trigonometry, vectors, statistics and probability, Calculus.

Michael Berlekamp


Application of knowledge to devise and perform investigations/implications of science in society.

Matthew Planisek


Language Acquisition: Acquisition of sociocultural competencies, full-length literary works, fluency and accuracy.

Paige Kruse

Theory of Knowledge (TOK)

The TOK course is an inquiry into different kinds of knowledge while questioning how we know what we claim to know. Students explore the nature of knowledge while applying the topics to academic subject areas. The course is taken at school during the junior year and will require a small amount of independent work early in the senior year.

Beth Noren

Visual Arts

Studio-based 2D and 3D art, independently motivated, research history and practice of chosen art form.

Kelly Atkinson