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2017-2018 Schedule
7:50-8:35 a.m.  
   Conference    D108
2nd 8:39-9:27 a.m.    Amer. Hist. Honors    D108
3rd 9:31-10:16 a.m.    CCP 1510/1520    D108
4th 10:20-10:50 a.m.    Study Hall    A207
5th 10:54-11:05 a.m.    (cont.)  
6th 11:09-11:39 a.m.    Lunch    D108
7th 11:43-11:54 a.m.    Amer. Hist. Honors    D108
8th 11:58-12:28 p.m.    (cont.)  
9th 12:32-12:43 p.m.    Amer. Hist. Honors    D108
10th 12:47-1:17 p.m.    (cont.)  
11th 1:21-2:06 p.m.    Global Geography    D108
12th 2:10-2:55 p.m.    Conference    D108



Welcome to Mr. Haselswerdt's class website.

To access class information, please use the following passcodes to enter the Google Classrooms for the particular courses:

American History Honors - id4v7c

Global Geography - dwei2y

C.C.P. 1510 - j9rbch