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National Honor Society

National Honor Society was created to recognize students who demonstrate clear and consistent evidence of outstanding service, leadership, character, and scholarship throughout all their years of high school. The following information refers specifically to the Westlake Chapter of NHS.
      • Induction is held once a year, in the fall, for both juniors and seniors.
      • Juniors and seniors with a 3.5 cumulative GPA will receive a letter informing them that they are eligible to submit information to the Faculty Selection Committee.
      • The Faculty Selection Committee convenes to consider the information provided by each student regarding his/her service and leadership activities. The information provided to the faculty (service page, leadership page, and faculty letters of recommendation) is anonymous.
    • Membership is only available to students who are actively involved in their school, church, and/or community. Being involved does not guarantee an invitation to join. It is the prerequisite.
    • The national guidelines emphasize that all four areas are to be fulfilled. The “leadership” component is often the most difficult. The Westlake High School Faculty Selection Committee requires that leadership must be demonstrated through strong faculty recommendations along with documented leadership positions held throughout high school. The committee looks at the number of hours invested in each activity. Invitations to join are offered to those students whom they feel have gone above and beyond average participation.
    • To receive a strong leadership recommendations from the faculty, it is encouraged that each student participate actively in class every day, demonstrate good conflict resolution skills, and serve as a role model to others.
    • Schools differ widely in their approach to NHS. Some require only that a certain GPA be achieved. Inclusion is then automatic. Westlake requires documented evidence of service and leadership activities throughout the first three years of high school. Students meeting the grade point criteria will receive all information needed in the fall of their juniors and senior years.

NHS Forms

Ski & Snowboard Club

Westlake Ski Club Information

The Westlake Ski and Snowboard Club is an organization that was formed so that students interested in skiing/snowboarding would have an opportunity to be properly instructed. The chaperones will monitor the behavior of the students while they are in the program, but each student must accept the responsibility to follow all rules and use good common sense. No prior experience is required. Once 200 members is reached, the student will be placed on a waiting list. In the event an opening occurs, the student will be given the opportunity to join the club if they and a parent attended the informational meeting and all forms have been submitted.

Ski & Snowboard Club is a five-week program offered to students grades 6-12 and takes place at Boston Mills Ski Resort.

Our dates for the 2019-2020 season will be Friday evenings--January 10, 17, 24, 31 & February 7.


MANDATORY MEETING: Sunday, November 10 @ 5 p.m.

Parents and students must attend an informational meeting in the Parkside Auditorium at 5 p.m. Information will be distributed for the 2019-2020 season.

PAYMENT: $100 cash or check payable to Westlake BOE due to reserve your spot

Payment of $100 per student—ONE CHECK PER SCHOOL—will be accepted. (Families with more than one student at the same school can use one check for both students. Students in different buildings must use separate checks.) BMBW Season Pass holders will be responsible for the $100 Club fee.

The online registration & payment process for BMBW will be discussed

BMBW fee is $223.05* (Package price including 4 hours of slope time per session, equipment/rentals, if needed and up to 5 lessons)

*The participation fee will not be included with the District ‘Pay to Participate’ Cap. Any bank fees that occur as a result of your payment will be passed back to you. This payment must be paid prior to your child’s acceptance into the club and participation.


The following refund policy will be adhered to:

  • Once your money is collected, there will be NO REFUNDS for any reason, including student removal from the Club due to disciplinary reasons invoked by the school advisor, BMBW Ski Patrol or management.
  • If an injury should occur you can apply for a refund from BMBW. Restrictions apply. See their website for details.


Start date for the season is January 10, 2020 weather permitting. The Club will guarantee five (5) FRIDAY trips. Scheduled dates: January 10, 17, 24**, 31 & February 7.

**January 24, 2020 the students do not have school but we will be going. And will depart at the regular time BUT PICK UP WILL BE THE FRONT OF LBMS & THE DELIVERY DRIVE FOR THE HIGH SCHOOL


Students will be transported from school by charter bus leaving at the time indicated for each school.

Middle School and Dover Intermediate School students will be on the bus and ready to leave the back parking lot by the football field at 2.55. Buses WILL NOT WAIT for stragglers so if you have a problem, see your advisor or chaperone. Please do not drop off food in the school office.

High School students will be on the bus and ready to leave the High School at 3:15. The bus will be located in the bus loop in the back of the school outside of Door 5 (by the History wing) across from the back gymnasium entrance.

The students will be called off the slopes at 8:15. They will need to return their rental equipment and board their bus by 8:45. If we have inclement weather or an injury, your child will call you to update you on our arrival time. Upon returning to their home school the students will wait outside for their rides. Students are not permitted in the buildings. Parents are requested to pick up their student at 9:30 p.m. If a student is not picked up within 15 minutes of arrival at the school, the student will be given a warning—two warnings and they will not be permitted to attend the next trip. If a student is not picked up within 30 minutes of arrival at the school they will not be permitted to go the next trip.



Failure to follow these rules could cost you the loss of skiing/snowboarding for one week or possibly the remainder of the season, without the refunding of any money. Following is the list of club rules:

Any violation of the Club rules or those set by BMBW could result in punishment, consequence or removal from the club—without a refund

All students will follow the rules set by Boston Mills as it relates to equipment, lessons, use of lifts, and behavior.

Students must KNOW THE CODE and ski/snowboard only on the hills they have qualified for, unless they are in the presence of their ski/snowboard instructor

All school rules and policies pertaining to conduct will be enforced

All students will travel to and from Boston Mills in assigned modes of transportation that the Ski and Snowboard Club provides

All students will take a 1 (one) hour lesson each week. Once Black is achieved lessons are available but optional.

You and only you are permitted to ski/snowboard under your name. Under NO circumstances will someone else be allowed to ski/snowboard in your place.

Students will not deface or cause destruction to bus company property

Students will not stand while the bus is moving

Students will not stand on the seats of the bus


The Westlake City School District prides itself on providing a safe learning environment and encouraging students to make healthy choices. The Westlake Board of Education approved random drug testing of students in grades 7-12.

Drug Testing Policy

Drug Testing Consent Form

The Drug Testing Consent Form is to be completed by the parent or guardian for any student in grades 7-12 that participate in athletics, possess a WHS parking pass, or appear on a roster of a club or organization that does not receive credit towards graduation. Failure to complete this in a timely fashion will disqualify the student from any of the above listed items.
For additional information, please contact Athletic Director Tony Cipollone at 440.835.6354, WHS Principal Paul Wilson at 440.871.7300 or LBMS Principal Amanda Musselman at 440.835.6340.


If any problem arises while at Boston Mills, the advisors and/or your chaperone can be contacted through the Information Office in the lodge or found upstairs in the snowboard rental area.

SNOWBOARD SPECIAL RULES--DUE TO THE NATURE OF THE FALLS IN LEARNING TO SNOWBOARD, IT IS HIGHLY RECOMMENDED THAT A HELMET BE WORN. Wrist guards should also be considered for the safety of the student. Helmets can be rented at Boston Mills for $10 per visit.

Click here for information on what to bring on ski/snowboard days

For more information on ski and snowboard safety, visit the Boston Mills/Brandywine website

If you have questions, please contact YOUR SCHOOL ADVISOR:

High School: Mrs. Bower (Ms. Kruse) @

Lee Burneson: Ms. Dawson @

Dover Intermediate: Mrs. Pado @