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Flyer Connection

The Westlake City School District welcomes the opportunity for non-profit, local organizations to post electronic flyers on the district website, providing the purpose of the organization complements the educational mission of the Westlake City School District. Furthermore, the District recognizes the value in providing information to our families and students about opportunities within our community that promote the intellectual, physical, personal and social development of our students.

Posting of event information on our website does not indicate endorsement or sponsorship by the Westlake City School District. To ensure the appropriateness of the material, the district may request the material be edited and reserves the right to not post a flyer.

Flyer Connection: The District will post your flyer on once you have completed the below checklist:
  • Provide your organization's name, email address, contact person, and phone number.
  • Provide documentation of your organization's non-profit status. If the district already has it on file, there is no need to submit again.
  • Provide a one sentence description to describe what's in your flyer.
  • Submit a PDF copy of the flyer to be posted at least 10 days prior to your desired posting date. Flyers will be posted for 30 days.
  • The following disclaimer must be included on your flyer: “This activity is not sponsored by the Westlake City School District.”

Complete above items and send to