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1st-12th Grade Enrollment


Registration for the 2022-2023 School Year

  • We are doing remote registrations, no walk-ins please. In-person appointments are not required.

  • If your student previously attended Westlake City Schools and withdrew to attend elsewhere, you must complete the full registration process to re-enroll in Westlake City Schools.

  • The District Registrar will contact you once the Pre-Registration has been completed and the proper forms and documents have been submitted.

There are 5 Steps to completing enrollment.

Missing documentation may delay student enrollment.

: Step #1: Complete Pre-Registration Online: (please note that completing the pre-registration does not complete your registration nor does it notify the registrar)

Step #2: Collect All Required Documents: Collect all of the required documents listed below. All documents MUST be officially translated into English. It is the parents/guardians responsibility to provide officially translated documents.

Screenshots from your phone at NOT acceptable!

  • Parent/Guardian state or federal issued photo ID (Must be valid)
  • Student Birth Certificate (a readable and translated to English copy only)
  • Primary proof of residence (must provide one of these acceptable documents; Signed rental agreement, mortgage statement, deed, purchase agreement or construction agreement) This document MUST list you as the homeowner or leaser and list the Westlake address. (qualifying mortgage statements, must be current within the last 30 days)
  • Secondary proof of residence (must also provide one of these acceptable documents; property tax bill; current water, gas, or electric bill; letter of verification of utility service for water, gas, or electric; homeowners or renters insurance; or last pay stub)(qualifying utilities are: Water, Gas, or Electric only, must be a current bill within the last 30 days)
  • Enrolling family, If you are not listed as the homeowner or lessee, you must also provide one of these items as proof of residence (Applicable if completing the "Sworn Statement of Residence") (must provide one of the acceptable documents: official mail or government-issued ID with your name and address matching what is listed)
  • Immunization Records (acceptable document: printout from physician)
  • Last Report Card or Transcript from the previous school. (This will be used for proof of grade level for enrollment)
  • Evaluation Team Report (ETR)/Individualized Education Program (IEP),Gifted Records (WEP/WAP and testing score): (if applicable)

Step #3: Complete All Required Forms: Complete all of the required forms listed below.

Screenshots from your phone at NOT acceptable!

  • Residency Forms Required: There are two types of residency in Westlake. Please complete one of the forms listed below that best matches your living situation in Westlake. You will also be required to provided one primary and one secondary supporting document with your residency form. Acceptable supporting documents are listed on each form residency forms. No substitutions.
  • Student Health Questionnaire - 2022-2023 (completed by parent)
  • Custody Forms Required: (Applicable if parents were never married, are living apart, are separated, or divorced)
    • Custody Affidavit : (Applicable if parents were never married) If you have gone to court, you must provide a copy of the signed, certified, and time-stamped copy of the court order.
    • Custody Affidavit : (Applicable if parents are separated, living apart, or divorced) Must also provide a FULL (all pages) copy of the signed, certified, and time-stamped court order.
    • Custody Pending Form (Applicable if due to motion to revise custody) Must also provide a copy of the signed, certified, and time-stamped court order.
    • Court Placement Form : (Applicable if due to motion to revise custody) Must also provide a copy of the court journal entry and any other applicable court documents.
  • Student Records Release Form (Please submit the completed form to our Registrar)

Step #4: Parent Checklist: Please use this checklist to make sure you have all of the required documents and forms before submitting them to the registrar.

Step #5: Submit ALL Required Documents and Forms:
  • Send an Email to: with the Subject Line: (Your Child's Full Name). We recommend only attaching 3 or 4 documents per email. If you enrolling more than one student, please submit each student’s paperwork in a separate email. Please title your attached documents. This is the preferred method to send in the remaining documentation.   


  • Copy the documents (no originals please) and send by U.S. Mail to: Westlake BOE: Attention Registrar; 24365 Hilliard Blvd.; Westlake, OH 44145
ALL documents MUST BE SUBMITTED before we will review your electronic pre-registration information. If all documents are submitted properly and are complete, you will receive an EMAIL to indicate that your registration is complete. Incomplete registrations will receive an EMAIL listing what is still needed.
  • For help with scanning from an iPhone device please see HERE.
  • For help with scanning from an Android device please see HERE.
  • Please make sure your attached files are labeled and please do not send more 4 than attachments per email as most basic email systems will reject sending large emails. Screenshots from your phone at NOT acceptable!