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Back to School Information Update

The Back-To-School Portal Is OPEN.

*If you have questions please contact your student's school.
  • Fill out your Back-To-School Information Update starting July 10, 2023. (Click Here to Start)
    • This is different from New student registrations!
  • Each child’s update needs to be completed no later than Friday August 18, 2023.
  • Username is your student’s six digit ID #.
    • Note: The six-digit ID number is the same number used by students to purchase lunch, appears on report cards, and/or is the numeric-only part of the username/email your child used to login to school accounts all last year.
  • Password is their birthday: Format Required: MM/DD/YYYY. (When you type the password follow the mm/dd/yyyy format - include the forward slashes and make sure the year is all four numbers.)
    • Note: Password format includes the forward slashes (/) and two-digit month and day; four-digit year.
  • This year there are two sections that require the student to initial, acknowledging that you have reviewed with them or they have read the Code of Conduct in the Student Handbook, and that they are aware of the Acceptable Use Policy for technology devices.


If you have questions please contact the main office at your child’s school building after August 7th or email prior to that date if you need assistance.
PLEASE NOTE: *If you would like a copy of the information you have completed, you will need to print a PDF copy at the end of your update.

Student schedules will be available in PowerSchool on August 18, 2023.  Building principals will communicate August dates for schedule pick-up (Grades 5 - 12), as well as other back to school information, in August.  The Back-To-School update must be completed in order for students to pick up their schedules in August.