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Staff Forms

403-b Salary Reduction Agreement Treasurer's Office
Absent Report - Classified (for School Secretaries Only) Treasurer's Office
Absent Report -Certified (for School Secretaries Only) Treasurer's Office
Acceptable Use Policy Pupil Services
Accident Report-Employee Business Department
Authorization Agreement for Automatic Deposits for AFA Treasurer's Office
Bring Your Own Device Technology
Change Of Address Form Treasurer's Office
Compensatory Time Employee Record Treasurer's Office
Court Duty Leave Form Treasurer's Office
Dependent Day Care Reimbursement Form / Acknowledgement Form Treasurer's Office
Donor Acknowledgement Treasurer's Office
Email Authorization Deposit Stub Treasurer's Office
Employment RecommendationHuman Resources
Equipment Inventory Treasurer's Office
Excellence In Classified Service Nomination Superintendent's Office
Excellence In Teaching Service Nomination Superintendent's Office
Expense Reimbursement Non-Travel Treasurer's Office
Expense Report District Travel Treasurer's Office
Field Trip Request Form Individual Building Use
Final Report of Sales Project Treasurer's Office
Health Insurance Enrollment FormHuman Resources
Incident ReportBusiness Office
Inservice Credit Application Human Resources
IPDP Proposal Human Resources
IRS W-9 form Treasurer's Office
LetterheadCommunications Office
Levy Fund Deduction Form Treasurer's Office
LPDC HandbookHuman Resources
Mileage Rate 2019Treasurer's Office
Mileage Report Treasurer's Office
Network Account Request Form Technology
New Software Request Technology
Pay Dates Treasurer's Office
Payroll Direct Deposit Treasurer's Office
PDU Alternate Activity Log Human Resources
PDU Alternate Activity Pre-ApprovalHuman Resources
PDU Alternate Activity Post-Approval Human Resources
Personal Leave - All Staff Human Resources
Petty Cash Reimbursement Recap Treasurer's Office
PowerPoint TemplateCommunications
Preliminary Field Trip RequestSuperintendent's Office
Preliminary Report of Sales Project Treasurer's Office
Purpose Statement Treasurer's Office
Request for 24 Pay Option Treasurer's Office
Request For Refund Treasurer's Office
Request for Time Off - Custodial Staff Use Human Resources
Sick Leave - All Staff Human Resources
Staff Emergency Notification Form Superintendent's Office
Student Accident FormBusiness Office
Substitute Teacher Record (for School Secretaries Only) Treasurer's Office
Supply Inventory Treasurer's Office
Timesheet Treasurer's Office
Travel Between BuildingsBusiness Office
Tuition Reimbursement Superintendent's Office
University-College Coursework Pre-ApprovalHuman Resources
University-College Coursework Post-Approval Human Resources
Workers' Comp Forms Business Department
Workshop-conference Post Approval Form Human Resources
Workshop-Conference Pre-Approval Form Human Resources
WTA Agreement Human Resources